401(k) Plans

Employer Retirement plans are under a microscope

If you are a plan sponsor (an employer offering a 401(k) plan), you have significant responsibilities.  Some of the ERISA responsibilities you may have:

  • Knowledge of fiduciary duties
  • Select, monitor, and meet certain return expectations in “Core” investments
  • Ability to prove Reasonableness of fees
  • Suitable Investment Policy Statement
  • Demonstration of Expert Processes

Mitigate your 401(k) responsibility, your work load, and your costs

We can help remove your 401(k) stress and workload.

  1. Learn about mitigating your fiduciary risk
  2. Reduce your workload and time spent
  3. Learn about potential 401(k) cost reduction
  4. Offer your employees individual account management

401(k) Fee Analysis

  • Avoid the erosion of your employee’s nest egg through hidden fees
  • Know your plan expense ratio
  • Get a professional recommendation

Fees, both known and hidden add up. How much are you and your employees really paying every year?

Our team will break down your fees, both known and “hidden” in your current plan. You deserve to finally understand exactly what you are paying in fees. We’ll then offer alternative strategies for your unique situation.

401(k) Plans

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